Socionics Type


SEEs personable, vibrant and vigorous. They feel they are in charge of protecting those they care about. 

SEEs feel alive when engaged in power play. They are quick to understand the power dynamics of a given situation. SEEs know what to say and to whom to bring about the desired outcome.

SEEs are annoyed by curiosity-driven discussions that are irrelevant to their life, but sometimes they come up with unfounded generalizations, especially in support of their goals.

SEEs don't notice when they speak in logical paradoxes and might accidentally and unintentionally provide reasoning in support of an opposite point of view in an argument.

SEEs admire wistful aesthetics. They seek profound observations about the way the world works and the people in it.

SEEs who have their own Quadra values developed are rueful and sarcastic.

In the case where own values are developed, SEEs are undemanding in regards to physical comfort, often uncomplaining about the very basic necessities. 

In the case where the opposite Quadra values are developed, SEEs are keen on sensual pleasures and strive for a comfortable emotional atmosphere.


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: ILI ESI LIE