Socionics Type


SEEs are driven by the sense of challenge and danger in relationships and by desire to participate in power play. They quickly gather the understanding of who has the control and who is in power.

SEEs understand people’s motivations, they are quick to react and respond, and are adept at navigating social situations.

SEEs are annoyed by purely abstract theoretical discourses and reject generalizations, but sometimes they come up with unfounded generalizations, especially in support of their goals.

SEEs are unable to build a consistent logical reasoning, building on top of premises; and in general demonstrate a lack of consistency in their views and statements.

SEEs seek spot-on observations about the world and the way in which the world operates. They appreciate sharp biting humour that reflects the reality.

SEEs who have their own Quadra values developed are thoughtful and ironic.

In the case where own values are developed, SEEs are undemanding in regards to the physical comfort, often uncomplaining about the very basic necessities. They also ignore physical pain and health issues if those stand in way of a desired outcome.

In the case where the opposite Quadra values are developed, SEEs take pleasure in sensual sybaritic activities and strive for a comfortable emotional atmosphere.


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: ILI ESI LIE