Socionics Type


ESIs are people of deep conviction. They are confident due to their strong sense of right and wrong, and often see themselves as being morally superior. Therefore, they are generally keen on giving advice and often have the inclination to decide on other people's behalf.

ESIs conflate moral beliefs with logically derived views and are over-confident in their ability to argue logically.

ESIs don't understand abstract ideas and easily succumb to be-all-end-all theories. They also hop from one such idea to another as they do not have the need nor ability to be consistent.

ESIs seek enterprising people, who can deliver and whom they can make toe the line.

In the case of their own Quadra values developed, ESIs have a more realistic outlook, weigh out their goals and are open to trade-offs when necessary.

In the case of their own Quadra values developed, ESIs find people who wear their hearts on their sleeves foolish and inappropriate. They perceive expressiveness as a lack of ability to control one's feelings.

In the case of the opposite Quadra values developed, ESIs are more impulsive and express their feelings openly and in highly emotional ways when their convictions urge them to do so.


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: SEE ILI LIE