Socionics Type


ESIs are driven by their moral views and their sense of morality is dependant on the context. ESIs are forceful, strict and are adept at telling people off, in order to make them feel punished for deeds that contradict ESIs views.

ESIs have a sense of moral superiority, which makes them confident and determined. ESIs understand people’s motivations and relationships between them very well and know who needs what from whom and why.

ESIs believe that systematic abstract theories are boring and that they contradict reality and are not nuanced enough, but sometimes they put forward an idea that their moral beliefs are consistent and logically sound. They also tend to create their own grand theories and believe that their arguments have a logically consistent base and that they understand structures.

They believe you don’t learn life by analyses and speculation, but you learn life from living it.

ESIs seek people with a practical mind and quick thinking whom they can prove wrong in their actions, whom they can teach ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and motivate to achieve great things in life.

In the case of their own Quadra values developed, ESIs are pragmatic and more adaptable.

In the case of their own Quadra values developed, ESIs find open emotional expressiveness socially inappropriate. They also think that being content with simple things is a lack of ambition.

In the case of the opposite Quadra values developed, ESIs are open in their expressions, they take things in their immediate environment more to heart.


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: SEE ILI LIE