Socionics Type


LIEs are sharp-witted and resourceful. They are quick at noticing opportunities and using them to their benefit. They are able to conjure up an image and personify it to their benefit.

LIEs dislike people who make their decisions based on raw emotion. They perceive such people as naive and childishly stubborn.

LIEs are unaware of their bodily sensations, e.g. feeling tired. For example, when unwell, they are only able to make sense of their illness as a 'malfunction'. Hence, their actions in regard to bodily sensations might be counter-productive, for example, doing something to relax and ending up picking an activity that would get them excited instead.

LIEs seek people who are convinced in being right and who are prepared to resort to the available leverage to make them toe the line.

If their own values are developed, LIEs also have a clear sense of morality, which they would expect other people to adhere to.

In the case of their own Quadra values developed, LIEs see little point in debating theoretical matters and believe a discussion to be an exchange of practical advice.

In cases where the opposite Quadra aspects are developed, enjoy finging gaps in others logic and calling it out even if it is of no benefit to them.


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: SEE ILI ESI