Socionics Type


LIEs are enterprising and driven. They are natural at seeing the profitability without detailed calculations and at quickly finding the shortest ways to achieve the desired result. They think on their feet, evaluating potential gains of different actions.

LIEs find people who try to get others excited obnoxious and imposing, but they might perceive themselves as the life and soul of the party.

LIEs are ignorant of their bodily sensations which can lead to overindulgences or attachments to dubious methods of remaining healthy.

LIEs seek people who will demand the adherence to moral rules of them and will rebuke or even punish them for wrong behaviours.

If their own values are developed, LIEs are firm and demanding in the matters of morality and morally acceptable behaviour. They strive for a higher social status and are able to manipulate people in order to achieve it.

In the case of their own Quadra values being developed, LIEs perceive descriptive analysis as pointless and theoretical speculations and seeing things from multiple perspectives as a waste of time.

In the cases where the opposite Quadra aspects are being developed, LIEs tend to theoreticize and speculate, they become fascinated and obsesse with theories.


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: SEE ILI ESI