Socionics Type


ILIs are natural observers, who like to reflect on the world. They have a tendency to contemplate the faults of something or someone. They are often characterized by a caustic and skeptical worldview.

They are quick to grasp the essence of something and often feel like they have experienced everything and there is nothing left out there that could excite them.

ILIs reject relaxed atmosphere and laid-back pleasures as unsophisticated.

ILIs are unable to comprehend, control and express their moods and emotions, hence they often come across as unemotional, but also they often expose their true feelings unintentionally. 

ILIs seek people who are driven and full of life, who will rise above the mundane crowd and who have the wit and will to outmaneuver them.

When ILIs have their own Qaudra values developed, they are cool under pressure and enjoy power struggles and intrigue.

If their own Quadra values are developed, ILIs believe that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake is useless as it doesn't help one to succeed in life.

If the opposite Quadra values are developed, ILIs disengage from life, as they perceive it as cruel and unfair, and seek to expose the injustices. 


This type belongs to the Gamma quadra

Other types of the Gamma quadra are: SEE ESI LIE