Socionics Type


ILEs' primary drive is curiosity. They are interested in finding new perspectives and viewing things from multiple angles. They accumulate ideas, and tie them together into dynamic, ever-changing and logically connected conceptual systems.

ILEs' views can be utopistic and rooted into the idea of fairness. These views are acquired by way of cerebral considerations. They strive for universalism and consistency and are prone to generalizations. They are interested in the concept of truth, whether it means seeking truth or discussing the very existence of truth.

ILEs don’t have an instinctive understanding of force, which usually leads to avoiding confrontations, but may result in unwittingly taking risks they cannot handle.

ILEs lack an ability to understand people’s inner feelings and motivations, which can render them unintentionally rude.

Combined, these traits hinder their ability to understand power play and power dynamics.

ILEs seek relaxing physical sensations and pleasant emotional atmosphere and appreciate when those are made available to them.

The more developed these aspects are, the more capable are ILEs at making themselves feel comfortable and at being emotionally involved.

In cases where their own Quadra values are developed, ILEs are interested in theoretical rather than in practical implementations of their thoughts or in the results yielded by their ideas. They are dismissive of narrow focused interests, especially if those are driven by the real-world considerations.

If their non-valued aspects are developed, ILEs can be quite pragmatic and recognize what works best quickly. They also become more focused on particular ideas that work best for them.


This type belongs to the Alpha quadra

Other types of the Alpha quadra are: SEI ESE LII