Socionics Type


ILEs' love thinking about theories. They love talking about theories. They love creating theories of their own or exploring others' theoretical perspectives. They collect theories with the ultimate goal of incorporating them into a consistent paradigm, which by their own admission is perhaps unachievable. Consequently, they are interested in finding new perspectives and viewing things from multiple angles. 

ILEs' are driven by a sense of fairness. Since justice is derivable from logic, they can't turn a blind eye to injustice as it is incomprehensible to them.

ILEs have trouble interpreting information about their immediate surroundings, which may result in their movements coming across as awkward and they might seem to be perpetually spaced out. This lack of spatial understanding may also lead them to take physical risks they cannot handle.  

ILEs are oblivious to the power dynamics and group politics, which combined with their idealistic views on justice might lead them into precarious situations.

ILEs seek relaxing physical sensations and a pleasant emotional atmosphere. If this block is not developed, they might not be aware of this need and only react happily after those are made available to them.

The more developed these aspects are, the more aware they are of their needs and the more capable they are of providing suitable physical and emotional enjoyment for themselves and others.

In cases where their own Quadra values are developed, ILEs show less interest in the applicability of their theories.

If their non-valued aspects are developed, ILEs can become quite cynical, practically minded, and hence less curious and idealistic.


This type belongs to the Alpha quadra

Other types of the Alpha quadra are: SEI ESE LII