Socionics Type


LIIs are adept at connecting the dots, filtering and storing information in their head and pulling out the right information to support their reasoning. LIIs are interested in obtaining new information and analyzing different perspectives in order to form an understanding.

LIIs are very quick to pick up on inconsistencies in reasoning and ideas, they are also apt at precise and concise descriptions.

LIIs are not able to purposefully influence and shape an opinion of themselves in the eyes of others’, they also avoid making personal judgments, but sometimes are prone to perceive faulty logic as a personal insult and might make snap judgements.

LIIs become stubborn in a conflict (principally applicable to the matters involving relationships with other people) and are prone to ‘leave the battlefield’ rather than go through the conflict to resolve the matter.

They enjoy sharing their thoughts, theories and knowledge with keen listeners who encourage them with a warm and expressive reactions and make them comfortable with cozy and pleasant environments.

Where their own Quadra values are developed, LIIs are able to influence the emotional atmosphere and levels of comfort of themselves and others.

In cases where their valued aspects are developed, LIIs dismantle practical considerations, turning them into explorations of ideas and concepts.

If their non-valued aspects are developed, they become result-oriented, quick to find solutions and evaluate, grasp and use effective routes to a goal.


This type belongs to the Alpha quadra

Other types of the Alpha quadra are: ILE SEI ESE