Socionics Type


SEIs love to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and they know exactly how to achieve it since they are highly aware of moods and bodily sensations. Their enjoyment of physical pleasures or distress is contagious.

SEIs highly aware of their own emotional states as well as those of others and can easily calm one down or rile one up.


SEIs lack gumption. They fail to have insights into where opportunities lie and don't know how to exploit them. 

SEIs love learning new information that expands their theoretical knowledge. They like it when they can clearly see the logical structure of a theory and how it takes them from a premise to a conclusion. 

If they have their own aspects developed, they become natural at combining theories and coming up with new theoretical ideas.

Where the valued aspects of their own Quadra are developed, SEIs perceive feisty people as stirring up a fuss. 

But if the aspects of the opposite Quadra are developed, SEIs can become feisty and pushy themselves.


This type belongs to the Alpha quadra

Other types of the Alpha quadra are: ILE ESE LII