Socionics Type


SEIs are driven by a feeling of comfort, be it their own or that of others. They are acutely aware of their bodily states, e.g. how the touch of a cloth feels or whether the temperature around them is comfortable.

SEIs’ perceptions are build upon smells, touches and tastes, as well as the emotional states of people. They can immediately sense how relaxed one is and are adept at influencing people’s sense of ease. Their enjoyment of physical pleasures or distress at discomfort is contagious.

SEIs don’t have an ability to grasp the whole in order to build an impression and they reject narrow, single perspective visions and unambiguous ideas, but sometimes might form false ideas of concepts and people, that they can be overly sure of and this can lead to discoveries about someone or something, opposite to what they have anticipated.

SEIs find it very hard to keep their eyes on the result and filter out the ways to achieve it. SEIs are not able to adjust and maximize productivity.

SEIs are fascinated by complex ideas and multifaceted perspectives that are laid out for them in a structured way.

The more they develop their valued aspects, the more capable they are of exploration and creation of different views and theories.

Where the valued aspects of their own Quadra are developed, SEIs react negatively to, but are able to manage, confrontations. They can see and call out power play and plotting against someone.

In the opposite case, when the aspects of the opposite Quadra are developed, SEIs can be forceful and resourceful in social manoeuvring, and even feisty in direct confrontations.


This type belongs to the Alpha quadra

Other types of the Alpha quadra are: ILE ESE LII