Socionics Type


ESEs are enthusiastic people and are all about infecting others with their emotions. They love creating an atmosphere of light-hearted pleasure and enjoyment. They are insistent, direct, sincere in their desires. However their desires are mood dependent.

ESEs dislike people who are focused on profit, perceiving them as boring and ruthless. 

ESEs are unable to grasp continuity, hence their life is an ever-changing experience with every day being a new day.

ESEs seek people who come up with on-point descriptions, are precise, curious and knowledgeable.

In cases where their own Quadra values are developed, they themselves demonstrate intellectual curiosity by generating their own conceptual systems and structuring new information. They become deeply invested in issues of unfairness.

In the case where their own Quadra values are developed, ESEs perceive people, who try to push their beliefs on others as sanctimonious and their convictions as baseless and logically unsound.

In the case where opposite Quadra values are developed, ESEs tend to push their own agenda through their understanding of power dynamics.


This type belongs to the Alpha quadra

Other types of the Alpha quadra are: ILE SEI LII