Socionics Type


IEIs perceive the world through impressions, which are then filtered based on IEIs emotional reaction to them. IEIs therefore are dreamers and their main drive is to dream of the things that make them euphoric.

When IEIs find it matches their dreams, it becomes a passionate obsession for them that they are deadset on keeping true to their impression.

IEIs can't stand discussions of bodily needs, and actively resist taking their health into consideration. But sometimes they end up over-dramatizing health conditions (still without proposing or expecting a further action).

IEIs are unable to comprehend utility and consequently are unable to optimize. 

IEIs perceive harmony as the End-Of-All: ambition, desire, beauty, striving etc.

IEIs seek people who overcome obstacles and win even in seemingly hopeless situations by the sheer power of determination.

If their own aspects are developed, IEIs show resolve and boldness, and go directly after what they want.

If their own Quadra aspects are developed, IEIs look down on seeking deeper meanings, reject generalizations and disregard multiplicity of perspectives. They expose subtle and hidden meanings as incoherent. They perceive actions motivated by accommodating other people as illogical.

If the aspects of the opposite Quadra are developed, skews IEIs perception of things towards looking at similarities. Consequently, IEIs might become obsessed with things that have something in common with their dream, but do not actually match it.


This type belongs to the Beta quadra

Other types of the Beta quadra are: EIE LSI SLE