Socionics Type


SLEs’ main drive is to face up to the challenges. They have a forceful nature and are men of action. SLEs are characterized by a fierce determination and a tunnel vision approach.

SLEs are acutely aware of their physical surroundings – such as of movement, positions of objects etc. They are quick thinkers and are adept at quick decisions, which they make based on a mix of instinct and reasoning.

SLEs dislike attempts to offer multiple perspectives and are not open to ambiguous interpretations. They generally dislike being in doubt, puzzled or unsure.

SLEs are blind to the unwritten rules of societies or groups and to the inner motives of people. That makes them often unaware of what constitutes the appropriate behaviour.

These qualities often make them misjudge the attitudes towards them.

SLEs seek people who believe in them and admire them for their fierceness and perseverance against all odds, people they can protect and who’s tales of beauty they can enjoy.

In the case where their own Quadra aspects are developed, SLEs adhere to their vision of themselves, living it out. They also become admirers of people whose impression fits their vision of beauty.

If their own Quadra values are developed, SLEs take pride in ignoring and overcoming ailments. They seek challenges and have an all or nothing attitude.

If the opposite Quadra values are developed, SLEs become careful and measured in their approaches to health, comfort and risks, trying to achieve a harmonious physical state, make provisions for comfort and try to enjoy the little things in life.


This type belongs to the Beta quadra

Other types of the Beta quadra are: EIE LSI IEI