Socionics Type


LSIs have a fixed and consistent outlook and apply force and direct pressure when they run against something that doesn’t fit their view. They work out a course of action for themselves and are very hard to sway from it.

LSIs process the information of their immediate surroundings, and evaluate it against their pre-defined ‘rules of engagement’ and then act on it, with logical consistency and clarity being the guide of their decisions.

LSIs are unable to grasp the real motive of actions without the rationale provided and reject the explorations of inner motivations and internal struggles. LSIs are unable to see generalizations and, in combination, these factors make them blind to the shared psychological characteristics, to the ‘human nature’.

LSIs are unable to grasp instinctively the multitude of possibilities and outcomes of a given situation as well as being blind to the potential of change of a person. This leads to LSIs to build an opinion of people solely upon directly observable factors: e.g. their actions and words.

LSIs seek dramatic, emotionally expressive people, larger-than-life people, who can bring the whirlwind of emotions into their life.

If their own Quadra values are developed, LSIs can be theatrical in their manners, able to captivate an audience and enjoy living out a vision of themselves.

In cases where their own Quadra values are developed, LSIs are not interested in benefits of something and sidetrack when it comes to the matters of health and well-being.

Where the values of the opposite Quadra are developed, LSIs tend to be interested in advising on the best procedures and solutions and evaluating the benefits of a phenomenon.


This type belongs to the Beta quadra

Other types of the Beta quadra are: EIE SLE IEI