Socionics Type


EIEs are flamboyant, theatrical and expressive. They naturally grasp the mood and emotions, shaping them to their liking. They are playfully and flippantly graceful and are natural in the limelight of any scale.

EIEs project and live out a completed vision of themselves and are exciting story-tellers.

EIEs reject the matters of efficiency and are annoyed when told how best to do something, but sometimes they might generate an instruction for someone else and dismiss any attempts to point out the failings of their method.

EIEs are oblivious to the state of their health and unable to listen to their body needs.

EIEs seek clarity and forceful and pro-active consistency in people.

If their own Quadra values are developed, EIEs are capable at building logical chains and are consistent in their expressed views and actions.

If their own Quadra values are developed, they are annoyed and disinterested in fitting in. They also are able to act based on a ‘gut instinct’ in a situation that offers lack of clarity and multiplicity of outcomes.

If the opposite Quadra values are developed, EIEs become concentrated on fitting in and being liked.


This type belongs to the Beta quadra

Other types of the Beta quadra are: LSI SLE IEI