Socionics Type


EIEs are fireworks of emotions. They are flamboyant and theatrical. Their expressions are over the top and dramatic. They always behave as if they are in the limelight. They have a natural lust for life and drink the cup of life to the fullest.

EIEs hate being micromanaged, can't do long-term planning and normally act one step at a time, but might be overconfident in their ability to come up with an elaborate, but not thought-through plan. 

EIEs are unable to be attentive to their bodily sensations.

EIEs seek unambiguous clarity of unassailable logic and forceful argumentations.

If their own Quadra values are developed, EIEs are adept at coming up with air-tight logical assertions backed by a readiness to boldly back them up.

If their own Quadra values are developed, they don't care about being accepted by others and roll their eyes at the idea of fitting in.

If the opposite Quadra values are developed, can EIEs become preoccupied with being liked, to the point of adjusting their behaviour.


This type belongs to the Beta quadra

Other types of the Beta quadra are: LSI SLE IEI