Socionics Type


IEEs are seekers. They are interested in learning about different ways in which people approach and view things and they build their understanding from these multitude of human perspectives. They are driven by a desire to find deeper meanings and to uncover hidden potentials.

IEEs are attuned to change in people and in themselves. The idea of change is at the heart of their perception of reality. They are also interested in finding the universal qualities shared by the human kind and exploring the human condition.

IEEs normally strongly reject forcefulness and violence, but sometimes they can provoke confrontations and try to simulate aggressive behaiviour.

For IEEs structured thinking and clear definitions are limiting. Unable to take in logical consistency in statements, they want to uncover the possible motivations of why something is being said, or come up with different alternative ways of what something might mean or go on free association trip from it.

IEEs seek people who can organize their life, help them manage their time efficiently and healthily.

In the case where their own Quadra values are developed, IEEs are be productive, well-organized and attentive of their health and well-being.

If their own Quadra values are developed, IEEs ignore one’s fixed completed image (instead they concentrate on what all people have in common) and strive to help people to change, unlock their potential and become better selves.

If the opposite Quadra values are developed, IEEs become obsessed with their vision of people or concepts, which they attach to real-life people or concepts, often in a mismatch as their ability to see commonalities plays against them in this case.


This type belongs to the Delta quadra

Other types of the Delta quadra are: LSE EII SLI