Socionics Type


SLIs perspective on the world can be characterized in terms of ergonomics. They are adept at creating convenient and practical environments, in which they can get things done.

They are concerned with matters of health and well-being and make sure that they take good care of their physical needs and those of others.

SLIs reject intensity, obsession and over-dramatization and perceive it as unhealthy, unnatural and unreasonable, but they might think they are obsessed with something (usually those are down-to-earth things such as TV shows or favourite food), which they still perceive as unhealthy.

SLIs like people who don’t take life too seriously, have a goofy sense of humour and are capable of generating a multitude of ideas to help them to fulfil their potential.

If their own Quadra values are developed, they themselves undertake the task of unlocking people’s potential.

If their own Quadra values are developed, SLIs perceive direct force and structured thinking as rude, unfriendly and cold.

If their the opposite Quadra values are developed, SLIs are focused on their own interests and getting the things that they want for their convenience.


This type belongs to the Delta quadra

Other types of the Delta quadra are: LSE EII IEE