Socionics Type


EIIs are characterized by their belief in the goodness of people and their faith in humanity. EIIs are natural at understanding people’s motives. They see the potential in people and inspire them to be better as well as reproach them when they consider them to be morally wrong.

EIIs dislike uncompromising people as they perceive them as unempathetic and unaccommodating. EII don't understand literal communication as they naturally read between the lines instead.

EIIs lack awerness of the space and motion around them. They are naturally oblivious to direct threats.

EIIs seek people who can help them to be organized and productive, as well as teach them practical ways of making improvements and benefiting society.

In cases where their own values are developed, EIIs themselves are efficient, well-organized and focused on putting their skills to good use.

In the case where their own Quadra values are developed, EIIs percieve expressiveness as fake and lacking in authenticity. They think that heightened passions are inadequate and problematic.

If the opposite Quadra values are developed, EIIs are driven by the pursuit of intense emotions and excitement.


This type belongs to the Delta quadra

Other types of the Delta quadra are: LSE SLI IEE